Real-Life Inheritance Drama!

I got a letter from some lawyers today. It appears that I have money that my grandfather left me, and I need to write for claim forms. I’m getting two policies. One is to be split between me and my sister, one is 100% mine.

Now for the fun part. My Dad has informed me that Aunt Marie (actually Great-Aunt Marie, my grandfather’s sister) had to sell off some insurance policies to pay for his care.

The long and short of this is that my dad believes my sister Mary is only getting ONE policy. This is the one that she and I are splitting.

My dad says this most likely means that she had a 100% policy that was cashed. He says that he’s not positive about this, but she hasn’t mentioned getting a second policy to him. I agree with him that there’s no logical reason why I would be getting one and she isn’t.

He mentions that it might be a good idea to split everything with her. I’ve got a step-brother and a step-sister, but Mary and I are considered a unit in matters such as this. It does seem like a fair idea. I’d want her to do the same thing if it were the other way around.

Then, he says something else like, “Of course, I won’t say anything if you want to keep it yourself, but it will come out eventually. They’d wonder where you got all of the extra money from.”

I’m not sure if that part is true. I live in Seattle, they live in Southern Illinois. I just got a new job, and I’ve also got a knack for spending money very quickly without having anything to show for it. It made me feel slightly creepy that he would say that, however. It also reinforced my idea that splitting it will probably be the best thing.

I gave her a call and she wasn’t home. When leaving my message on her machine, one of my sentences was, “So I’ll call both companies and get the claim forms.” BOTH companies.

My subconscious, it appears, does not like being creepy either.


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