Matt made the coffee this morning, and it appears that no amount of flammable petroleum product will change it to anything but a dark brown.


True confession time. I have gone completely utterly swooneriffically gaga for someone as a result of the Crackerjack House party. Totally unplanned, which is how all good things seem to happen to me. The interesting part comes in when you realize that there have been plans (for over a month now) for a friend of mine to come and visit me next month. We’ve had some dating history, and in these plans were hints and intimations from both sides that we may engage in “more than friends” activities when she arrives.

However, while I am a dashing man of the world, this new relationship that is forming is not something into which I want to introduce a side fling. My heart wouldn’t be in it, and I could think of nothing worse than having her show up without knowing what’s going on. My visiting friend and I correspond often through e-mail, and in my response to her last message I described my new situation. I have yet to receive a response.

Trying to do the right thing in a situation where someone’s feelings will get hurt no matter what you do is perhaps the most difficult action ever.

For some reason, I used to envy people in situations like these.


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