Back to my normal schedule for the first time this week.

I’ve spent every night this week with Kristin. I love Kristin. Kristin and I are dating. I realy haven’t slept much this week.

Tonight, I’m back to my regular routine while Kristin is hanging out with her friend Scott from Portland.

My “Regular Routine” involves watching a lot of TV and working on my computer. That and saying, “Choq-choq!” whenever I stand up from whatever couch or chair in which I happen to be sitting.

I have no idea why I say this. It just happens. Kind of like my constant neck cracking and nonsense movements. I think I may have Tourette’s syndrome, but then again I’m very easily influenced, taking on the characteristics of whatever I read.

Falling back into such a familiar pattern, I was almost worried that my time with Kristin was all a dream/memory implant/delusional psychotic episode/

I got a phone call and yummy leftovers that say different.


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Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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