Kristin and I have spent a lot of nights together. We don’t always sleep a lot. This isn’t bragging, it’s a timing thing.

I think that I’m becoming sick.

I hate saying, “I am sick.”

This makes it almost a definate. I think that I may be getting better. I’m coughing and sniffling a lot. I am supposed to be the super hero, after all.

My left thumbnail hurts from scraping coconut out of a shell. The coconut was so good, however, that it’s still worth it.

Kristin and I weren’t sure when our seperate evenings would end. Therefore, she’s staying at her place tonight. She says I need my sleep. I flopped back and forth and then made a “stand” on the issue. It was hard, and I felt a little silly. It was probably the right thing.

Granted, I sleep more when she’s not around, but sleep is overrated in some cases. I want to kiss her forehead, snuggle.

Sleep is good. Focus on that.

I’ll call her before I sleep.

Forget ME, I’ll bet we make a lot of other people sick.



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Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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