Barack Obama Is NOT the Antichrist

I love the fact that Barack Obama is my President. I’m also a fan of fringe kookery. At work today, I was forwarded a link to a page where a man muses that Barack Obama is the Antichrist. The text is as follows:

“The so-called President Of the United States has not fooled me with his silver tongue. The bible warns of his coming and he is here. I’ll have more to say on him in the near future. The only reason he became president is because the majority of Blacks voted for him in a united Racist movement.

That is a fact.”

That’s right, Sir Crazy, Barack Obama never would have become President if those racist, racist “Blacks” hadn’t voted for him. That tag at the end seems weird to me. It’s like he got his racist line and his crazy line crossed. Granted, they go great together, but it really makes his argument seem like Antichrist is synonymous with “Black President.”

First of all, thank goodness for Snopes.

They’ve got this fact-based side of Barack not being the Antichrist pretty well nailed down. I’ll be talking briefly about this from the schizotypal side of things.

The possibility of Barack Obama being the Antichrist struck me the moment I decided I was going to vote for him. Why not? He’s a likable fellow trying to helm the free world. Those outside of crazy loop may be unaware that George W. Bush got the same treatment, and Bill Clinton, too. Still, the way to prove you’re not the Antichrist is by not ushering in the Apocalypse while President. I’ll give George W. Bush an attaboy for effort, but we’re still here.

So, now it’s Barack’s turn.

But, here’s how you know it’s impossible:

You can’t be a SCARY BLACK MAN and a REPTILLIAN at the same time:

So there. Now go have a crazy-off in your head.

Also, I have every bit of faith that there someone out there who has worked out how Barack Obama is both a scary black man and a reptillian and it all makes sense.

It has to be BOTH, or you don’t win a prize.

So, no fair just finding someone who’s saying he’s a reptillian who *duped* black voters into thinking he was like them.

(Also, yes, as a Preacher’s Kid I grew up sure that *I* was the Antichrist, so maybe it’s just professional jealousy.)


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