Game of Thrones

I mention this to folks every once and a while. When I was a kid living in Dorsey, Illinois (population 500), I was got obsessed with George R. R. Martin’s Wild Cards series. I went so far as to write Mr. Martin, asking if he accepted submissions.

To my surprise, he wrote me back. It was the kindest rejection letter I ever got, inasmuch as it was more of “redirection” letter, if you will. He explained that the authors for Wild Cards were chosen carefully, or words to that effect, and therefore it would behoove me to continue to write own my own until such a time came as there was an opening. At least, this is what I remember it saying. Sadly, I don’t have a copy of this letter to verify the exact wording. I know I wouldn’t have thrown it out. It was either placed in a secret hiding place that has yet to be discovered or packed in one of the numerous boxes in my parents’ basement.

I don’t know why I never got around reading his other books. I think I was just on a super-hero kick at that time. Regardless, I heard of the Game of Thrones pilot before I had read the books. I’m now on page 579 of A Game of Thrones and don’t see myself stopping.

I often cast books in my head when I read them, unbidden. I’d been seeing Tyrion as Peter Dinklage, so I was extremely happy to see the latest news of his casting. The same article puts
Tom McCarthy as the director, something I hadn’t foreseen at all. I liked The Station Agent quite a bit.

Now that Dinklage is on board, I realize that there’s slim chance I’ll keep being that lucky at having my choices match the casting. The only character I keep seeing as a recognizable real-world actor besides Tyrion is Ned Stark. As you may have heard me mention before, I keep picturing Titus Welliver when I think of Stark. He’s great, of course, but they may go in an entirely different direction. Other choices my brain made are simply impractical or simply not possible. For example, a young Brian Blessed as King Robert is an impossibility. In the same vein, Katrin Cartlidge will never be Osha. My brain never picks simply from the available pool unless I force it to.

What’s interesting is that all of the children and most of the other characters inhabit that shadowy world of half-faced beings where my brain hasn’t attached them to anyone. Perhaps it’s doing it on purpose, knowing that I’m excited for the pilot.

I’m thinking of renting a hotel room with HBO on the night it airs.


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