Mother’s Day Shopping

At the store today, I spilled an big vase of flowers. Rather, I spilled a whole bunch of water out of a vase of flowers. The flowers were fine.

There was water all over the floor, but also a “caution wet floor” sign. Makes me think I wasn’t the first. I picked white roses and pink daisies.

In the end, however, I ended up putting the flowers back, opting to get Jennifer a braided azalea tree instead. The little braids represent life interwoven and whatnot. It is also pretty, and will last longer than flowers. In the back of my mind, I was thinking that flowers might still be better, but in the end my sense of meaning over tradition gave out.

We’ll see how it goes.

Also, I told Betty this morning that I would get he a balloon. We ended up going home with a huge Mylar horse, which ended up getting buckled into a seat so it wouldn’t keep floating around the car. I also accidentally let the empty “race car” cart smash into a parked car when I tried to put it away. It had a left drift I didn’t notice. The car and the cart were fine.

When we got home, Betty and I made cards for her. I let Betty make an entire card all by herself, it’s kind of awesome.

Now I’m trying to keep Betty away from Jennifer so she can sleep a little bit more.

I know that’s what she’s always wanted, just a little more sleep.

Oh yeah, and don’t worry. I’ll be calling one mom and emailing the other one today. Also, remembering the third. Life is crazy like that.

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