This Is the Way People Are Saying Things When They Talk

Jennifer and I experienced a rather odd form of communication while we were talking with the words we were saying at the time in the evening that occurred on this day. While she and I together were still speaking words and inflections that sounded and behaved in the manner one would expect from the language commonly referred to as English, our phrasing because like it sometimes does when people are confused or not able to accurately choose the exact types of vocal pronunciations or specific meanings they intended.

I believe it may have happened at first because I was tired due to the not sleeping and therefore did not have the agility of my brain functions to speak the words properly. However, she was able to initiate a reasonable facsimile of my own flawed processes in such a way that we were having a good time with ourselves together.

Do you become overly functional in the way of alternative phrasings when you are less than rested in your own life?

Please discuss.


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