Almost Fearless

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See this picture? It’s my daughter, hiding behind a door while the “Up-Up Flower” is in operation. She LOVES watching it. She laughs when it crashes, she laughs when it hovers. It also, apparently, scares the crap out of her.

This wouldn’t be such a big deal, except that she’s oblivious to almost every other kind of danger. Heights, no biggie. Cars, couldn’t care less about ’em. This one tiny hovering toy is the only thing that makes her flip out:

Granted, she does get startled from time to time. The sight of my friend’s dog Jack in an “don’t lick your stitches” collar was extremely disconcerting yesterday, but she handled it better than I would have at her age. What makes this a kind of a big deal for me is that she made up this elaborate system.

“Daddy, let’s play Up-Up Flower!”
“Sure, Betty, I’ll-”
“Okay, I’ll put it back.”
“No! Play Up-Up Flower OUTSIDE!”
“Oh, sure. Let’s go.”
“No! You go.”
“You want me to play Up-Up Flower outside by myself?”
“Okay, I stay here.”

As stated before, she then spent the next fifteen minutes laughing herself silly while I made it hover outside the door.

Granted, it is a miniature fan blade mounted unguarded inside a Styrofoam disk, so maybe she’s got a point.


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