Everything My Daughter Does Is a Freakin’ Miracle

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Look at what my daughter did today. Look!!! LOOK!!! She CROSSED HER FINGERS and then TOUCHED THEM TOGETHER!!! Who does that? GENIUSES DO THAT!!! She’s only THREE YEARS OLD! OH MY GOD!!!!!

This is what happens to me at least once every day. I think we’re genetically predisposed to live in awe and wonder of our children so that we keep talking to them and wanting to hang out with them even after they throw a fit in Target because you won’t buy them the Yo Gabba Gabba Guitar.

On a side note, I totally WANTED that guitar MYSELF, Betty. Don’t you think I’d have gotten it if it was in our budget? Blood from a stone, darlin’!

Anyway, I try to spare you folks as much of this as I can because there’s no way you can find this as fascinating as I do. Still, it’s a big deal today. Today Betty pointed at all the words in Dog Food and said them out loud.

Notice I didn’t say she read it. I have no way to be sure she’s actually reading. In fact, I distrusted her immediately.

“You’re not fooling me,” I thought. “You probably memorized the entire book and taught yourself to point at each word while you’re saying it.”

You know, ’cause that’s easier.


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