What I Want for My Birthday

What I Want for My Birthday

Hi, everyone!

May 15th is my birthday. This year, I’m not asking for much. To anyone that knows me, what I’m about to ask is probably already expected:

1) Buy a copy of Love in a Time of Zombies (if you like that sort of thing), or for someone else who you think might.

2) If you have a copy and haven’t read it, read it!

3) If you’ve already read it and liked it, help get the word out! Give it a positive review somewhere, put it on wikipedia, write about it in your blog, etc.

4) If you’ve read it and DON’T like it, be very quiet about it.

If you order today and use two-day shipping, you could be reading the book ON MY BIRTHDAY. That would be sweet.

Purchase it from any of these fine retailers for the low price of $7.50:

CreateSpace (more $$$ for me!)
Amazon.com (Free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members!)

Tech-saavy spendthrift? There is also a Kindle Version for a mere 80 cents!

As anyone else who writes books will tell you, it’s great when people know about and then buy them.

Thank you for your time.


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Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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  1. paulgude says:

    Oh, and if you like, there’s also a T-Shirt!


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