Soundboard Prank Calls

Someone sent me this earlier.

I just about peed my pants. I know these have been around for a while, and I came late to this party, but now I’m fascinated.

The thing that I love about these are how our brains try their best to make sense out of what these random phrases spewed at us mean. I’ve watched hundreds of these now, and it really strikes me how people can be duped by the most oddly-out-of-place stock phrases.

I think it may be that many of the recipients of these calls are quick to anger, as the fake callers often insult or berate them. It’s like arguing with a ventriloquist’s dummy, all the more easy to fall into because the puppeteer can’t be seen.

However, my favorite ones are the ones like the one above. It’s not abusive at all, it’s just plain weird. The person isn’t duped because they’re too mad to see straight.

They’re simply at a loss, their brain doing its best to fill in the gaps of a broken conversation.


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