Stabbing in the Dark

I just made a Facebook Group for Love in a Time of Zombies.

Right now I’m doing as much as I can to get the word out about the book without (I hope) becoming too annoying. I know I get turned off when the only thing someone seems to post is self-promotion of their own stuff, and I’ve been doing A LOT of that lately.

Sometimes, however, it seems worth it and even necessary. I just had a good friend of mine tell me he had no idea I had written a book, even though he’s on a couple of mailing lists I’ve bombed with the subject. The fact is, I have absolutely no idea what’s going to get people’s attention and what isn’t.

I’ve had favorable reviews from people who’ve read the book and contacted me personally. I’ve also mailed copies out to people I don’t know but I think would like the book. I’m hoping they read it, like it, and mention it to someone.

Jennifer has mentioned to me that I’m not thinking in “novel time” yet. When I draw a comic, people see it and read it almost instantly. When I read Bridge of Birds it was twenty years after it had first been written. I need to be patient.

Yet, here I am making a mad scramble anyway. It may be nice if I were a more patient person, but I’m not. I’m writing posts, making desperate pleas, doing crazy stunts, all in the hope that someone out there tells someone else and another person gets a chance to read my book. For those of you already clued in, it may get slightly tedious. Thanks for your patience with me.

Just remember you like me, sigh heavily, and skip over the post. We’ll get through this together.

For those of you not clued in, well…now you are. Thanks for your time. Now please, for the love of all that is holy, buy my book.


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  1. paulgude says:

    And just to clarify, the Mike Doughty thing was a crazy stunt to get it to HIM as soon as possible. I could have tracked down a PO box and mailed it probably, but he’s on tour right now.

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