Love in *A* Time of Zombies Meets Love in *THE* Time of Zombies

A little while after my book was published, a friend doing some web work for me asked me if I knew about this site:

As you might imagine, I had not.

It’s the site for Ed Evans, who has planned a series of novels involving love and zombies altogether different in character and setting from my novel Love in a Time of Zombies.

Both Ed and I had done searches for other people using the name before we started our respective projects. At the time I searched, his site wasn’t in existence. When he searched, my book hadn’t gotten out of the proof stages. Now he’s got his website and I’ve got my book. There is a difference between the titles, but there’s a chance a search engine will ignore “a” and “the” and drop someone in the wrong place.

Ed and I have been talking, and he’s offered to put a disclaimer on his site that links to the book.

I find that very friendly indeed.

So, I’m doing the same here. If you’re looking for Ed Evans and “Love in the Time of Zombies” you’re in the wrong place. You can find it over there on the side.

In addition, I need to mention that I also discovered a poet named El Guante has an awesome poem called “Love in the Time of Zombies” as well. It is unequivocally brilliant.

You can watch it here:

I need to state that I was unaware of this poem’s existence until after my novel’s publication, around early May, and had already had a draft of the novel with a bald-headed heroine on October 26, 2007. It wasn’t published or read by any but a select few, which made listening to the poem a little freaky.

Since “Love in a Time of Zombies” is basically a play on the title “Love in a Time of Cholera” I doubt it will be the first or last time someone else comes up with the title on their own.

Still, my next title is going to be freakin’ LONG.


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  1. Lex Vader says:

    Is that a popular book with the young men? I wouldn’t know. I’ve heard of it, but I wouldn’t think a lot of people would go, “Cholera? Zombies.” Is there a Love In The Time Of Robots, Love In The Time Of Ninjas, Love In The Time Of Pirates, Love In The Time Of Monkeys or Love In The Time Of Martians?

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