The Incredible Talking Monkey

Some of you may have noticed that Betty’s appeared in the last two Skwaz and Chupamono strips. There’s a reason for that. SHE ASKED TO BE IN THEM.

She’s three months past three now, and has hit some groove where she speaks English like I speak French.


“The paper, where you’re drawing? Maybe I could be on it?”


“Daddy, you go outside the door and stay outside. Mommy, you just sleep.”

She also has started “playing” Sam from Green Eggs and Ham.

Betty: Hello, man!
Me: Hello!
Betty: Would you…would you eat the ham?
Me: I do not like green eggs and ham! I do not like them, Sam I Am!
Betty: Would you like them into the boat?

She is also very earnest when communicating these things.

I have a feeling that if monkeys could talk, they would talk either just like this or in a very similar manner.


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  1. Lex Vader says:

    She fights the talking

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