The Vice-Like Grip of a Hand from the Grave

My family moved from South Park to Beacon Hill a little over a month ago. It was a necessity, as the bank was foreclosing on my house. It involved a lot of unpleasant steps, including declaring bankruptcy, packing up all of our stuff, and now unpacking all of our stuff. In a way, of course, it’s freeing, but it’s still work.

One of the things that would make it easier is if it was truly over. If another family was moved into our old house, and we could simply move on, closing that chapter of our life would be easy. There are complications, however.

The bankruptcy was necessary because we were upside-down on our mortgage and have no way to pay the difference. It also stopped the foreclosure proceedings, so now Chase (who bought Washington Mutual and their bad debts) now has to get a “Relief From Stay” in order to foreclose on the house. It’s counter-intuitive because the document seems to give them immunity from the bankruptcy, but my lawyer assures me that it’s only so they can foreclose on the house and we *want* them to do that, as I couldn’t pay the mortgage when I was living there and am now living somewhere else.

So, at the moment we’re in a I can’t live in the house, but they can’t sell the house. The utilities are still in my name, but I can’t get them shut off until there’s a new owner.Luckily my friend Chris visited it and shut of the breakers and the water or it would be leeching even more power. Still, it sits there in South Park, becoming slowly infested with rats and most likely accumulating trash from my old neighbors.

The house refuses to die.


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