The First Month

It’s been a month since Love in a Time of Zombies was officially published.

Publishing this myself is a bit daunting, yet deceptively easy. What I mean by this is that the CreateSpace system allowed me to get a completed book out and ready to market at little to no cost for myself. However, I’m also missing the publicity arm of the publishing world. I’ve contented myself with sending the word out to my friends and mailing a few copies to people I think will enjoy it who may be inclined to write about it.

I did a few other things, such as created a Facebook Group and a Character Quiz.

What do I have to show at the end of one month?

Approximately sixty-three people own a copy of the book either in physical or digital form. About seven people have contacted me personally to let me know they enjoyed it. Sixty-three doesn’t seem like a lot, perhaps, but imagine them all being in the room you’re in right now. If you’re outside, imagine them all shaking your hand.

As of right now, The Kindle Edition is doing a slow trickle of daily business, and is sitting pretty with a sales rank of 7,737. That’s the highest it’s ever been.

This is especially nice when compared to the paperback sales rank of 231,691. I think it peaked this month at around 50,000 or so.

I’ve got two good reviews on, and at least two people have mentioned that they’d blog about it soon.

It’s worth remembering that just because people own it doesn’t mean they’ve read it. If everyone told two friends and one of them actually bought it, I might sell another sixty copies next month.

That’d be just dandy.


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2 Responses to The First Month

  1. Mel says:

    I bought it, but I bought it with a pre-order from amazon, so I won’t get to read it until august.

  2. paulgude says:

    Hi, Mel.

    Is it this?

    I was confused, because the book is released now, and I normally associate pre-order with someone putting in an order for the book before its release date.

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