Easy Reader

Today, when Betty was in the tub, she asked for her toys.

We keep them in a big red bucket. I dumped them all in, unceremoniously. There’s a glow-in-the dark jellyfish, a big black devil duckie from Archee McPhee, and tons of foam letters.

After a little while, Betty starts going:

“Zoo! Zoo! Zoo, dad! Zoo!”

I looked over the side of the tub, and saw that she had indeed spelled the word:

A few minutes before, these letters had been floating in the water.

A few minutes before, these letters had been floating in the water.

I started telling her to spell other words, like this:

“Let’s spell ‘cat,’ Betty. Put the C there, the A there, and the T! Yes!!!”

We did this with “Boy,” “Dog,” and “Cat.” Then I showed her how you can change “Cat” to “Hat” and then “Hat” to “Hot.”

“Now, Betty,” I said. “I’m going to spell a word.”

I laid out P-A-R-K.

“Now, Betty,” I said. “What’s this word?”

Betty stared at it.

“Sound it out,” I said. “What’s sound does this make?”

I pointed to the P.

“Puh,” Betty answered.

“And this?”




“And this?”


“Good job! Now say them all together.”

“Puh-ah-ruh-kuh. Pahrukuh…PARK! PARK! PARK!!! IT SAYS PARK!!!!”

She was splashing excitedly, and laughing. I was laughing and giving her a high-five.

Then she stopped, got very solemn, and said. “It’s like Word World.”

“Yes!” I said, nodding. “It’s exactly like that.”

Then I gave her some candy.

Later, she spelled “cat” on the refrigerator with magnets.

I think she finally gets it!


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Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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  1. Lex Vader says:

    But now she needs to learn that B6 is an essential vitamin!

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