Moving Pictures

I recently rediscovered the wonder of books that I had all the way through grade school and high school, thanks to A Song of Ice and Fire. Once again I’ve been carrying a book around with me everywhere, reading a few pages every chance I get. I wondered why I ever stopped reading. Then I remembered:

I love movies and tv shows.

Maybe it’s because of my sheltered upbringing. I was only allowed to watch an hour of TV a day, and hardly ever got to see a movie until I was in high school. Then, I was able to watch one *show*, a special rule because Dr. Who was longer than an hour. Because of my limited exposure, moving pictures had a wonder and allure that may have been missed by my contemporaries.

I mention this for two reasons.

One, I created a logo for production company and offered to waive my fee for a role in the movie. They were agreeable to this, but cautioned that the production was filming in Scotland, and I’d have to find my way down there. They ended up paying me, with the understanding that we’ll revisit the idea of being in the film when the production goes forward. So there’s that. If you’re involved in film production, expect me to go all starry-eyed if I’ve got a chance to be in the film.

Secondly, I’ve just learned that James Gunn, very high on my “Who would be best suited to direct Love in a Time of Zombies feature film?” list, is considering writing a zombie movie that he saw IN A DREAM.

Obviously, this will conflict with him adapting/directing a Love in a Time of Zombies movie in my imagination.


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