Three Mysteries

There are three things I keep searching for on the Internet that I haven’t been able to find. I’ve found possible explanations, but I don’t trust them. Do you have any ideas?

1) Sometimes, when I’m flying between Seattle and St. Louis/Chicago, I see a big silver dome kind of out in the middle of nowhere. Given the height at which the plane is flying at the time, the thing must be huge. Does anyone know what it is?

2) In 198? my family went on vacation. One of the places where we stopped had an entire fake city indoors. The ceiling was black with fake stars. I remember there was some sort of machine that had a fakir or something like it that was blue? It would dance or give you your fortune or something. I think it was somewhere south of Illinois. Has anyone else been there? Where is it? What is it?

3) In 2002, I visited Villefrance-sur-mer. On a tour, I went to a church where a body of a Saint was on display. Who was the Saint?

Thanks for your help!


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Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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  1. Tarpo says:

    Could this be your saint? Was it a whole body? or just part?

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