More of What Betty Wants You to Know

Betty: I want the people to get MEAN!
Me: You want the people to get mean?
Betty: Yeah…I’m going to give the people ketchup! Huh? Hey, spider!
Me: How are the people going to get mean?
Betty: I want the people to get ketchup!
Me: You want the people to get ketchup.
Betty: Yeah…
Me: And when they get ketchup, they’ll be mean.
Betty: Uh-huh…and they’re going to get candy. And then they’ll say, “Don’t do that, I’m going to be MEAN!”
Me: So, the people are going to be mean?
Betty: Yeah, he can say, “I can be MEAN!”
Betty leaves the room, talking to herself. Then she comes back.
Betty: Hey daddy, I need water. Peek-a-boo!
Me: You need water?
Betty: Yeah.
I go and get her water. She also gets a whole grain pop-tart.
Betty: My pop-tart broke! I gotta fix it.
Me: How do you fix a pop-tart?
Betty: Because I broke it. I broke the pop-tart. Now I fix it. Now I broke it. Oh, it broke a piece! You have a piece. Nom nom nom!
(She has been trained to do that by our laughter.)
Betty laughs again and pretends to sneeze.
Betty: Aaaaaa-chooo!
Me: Anything else the people should know?
Betty: We could clap our hands for the circus.

Indeed we could.


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Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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