I don’t know how the digital TV transition is going to affect me.

I *think* since I have cable, all I’m going to have to do is have my TV auto-program itself. You’d think that I’d know more about it because of the gazillion PSA that have been running about it. (I just noticed that “gazillion” doesn’t trip the spellcheck, but “spellcheck” does. My idea of which of those was a “real” word was completely confused.) However, all the PSAs said that if you had cable, you shouldn’t worry. So, I didn’t.

One note. On all of those PSAs, I heard people say, “So if you’re using those old ‘rabbit ears’ antennas…(blah blah blah).” Now, I don’t know about you, but the dual antennas on my old TVs always struck me as insect antennas and in fact nothing like rabbit ears. Was there ever a version that looked like loops or something? If not, are we just all suffering from the same strange delusion?

On what planet is this a rabbit?

On what planet is this a rabbit?

You can say, “It has two ears like a rabbit,” and I’ll point out that many things have two ears. You can say, “The two ears stick up like a rabbit’s,” and MAYBE I’ll buy it for a second. I’ve seen many a rabbit in my day, though, and I’m just not seeing it. That is *until* I remembered the the practice of putting tinfoil on them for better reception.

I can go with this.

I can go with this.

I digress, however.

The main news about this transition is that even with all of the PSAs, antenna coupons, and help hotlines, there are going to be hundreds of people who will be confused, angry, and downright ornery about the fact that their TVs don’t work any more. As a longtime customer service specialist I know that any change, no matter how well publicized, will catch some people unaware. There will also be people who *were* aware, but chose to do nothing and are now protesting that they “never knew,” that, “no one told them” and “it’s unfair.” There will even be people that *demand* their TV stations go back to the analog format.

In fact, it surprised me the PSAs and in-show messages about the transition went on for so long. You want to give everyone a chance to find out about them, yes, but there’s a saturation point when the only people you aren’t going to reach are the people you’ll NEVER reach until it’s too late.

That’s when I realized that regardless of whether or not it was intentional, these endless PSAs were very useful. They’ve gone on for so long, that the majority of the public is sick of hearing about the transition.

So if a group of citizens organize themselves and protest the change to digital, saying that it was unwarranted and sprung on us out of hand, we’ll just roll our eyes and go, “Really?”

It’s definitely my impulse, anyway, and I know what’s happening.


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