Mythology of Carnivàle

I like to think of myself as being pretty with-it when it comes to figuring out the complexities behind many fantasy/sci-fi ventures that aren’t completely explained.

Therefore, I was pleased as punch when I ran across this:àle

If it’s NOT 100% correct, at least it fit the information my brain picked up from watching the series.

So, that’s it. A big long blog post to give you a link to a wiki about a show that’s been over some time now. Why bring it up? I bring it up because:

1) The complete series is currently half price at

2) I’ve been thinking about HBO again thanks to the A Game of Thrones adaptation.

I really liked both The Wire and Deadwood, but Carnivàle really felt like a show that was made specifically for me. The Lost Room was a close second in that regard, with a mythology and storyline very near to my heart. I felt like I “got” these series more than others I had talked to, feeding into both my geek dynamic and incessant narcissism.

Still, it’s great watching the series again after reading through that wiki. Well done, I say.

Well done.


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2 Responses to Mythology of Carnivàle

  1. Mel says:

    well I’m glad you posted this, because now I will own the series legally, instead of not so much with three discs of season two being unwatchable.

  2. paulgude says:

    I was watching it at a friend’s house and missed some of season one. I watched all of season two from the library. I got a pretty good idea of what was going on from the episodes I saw, but watching the whole season is great.

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