Eric Mead

You may recall that I posted a short entry on magic a while back:

In it, I said the following:

If you watched the “Masters of Illusion” series, you may not remember my favorite performer, because all he did was make four coins appear and disappear. He was a really understated guy, pleasant enough, but what he did blew me away. To me, it was so much better than any of the flashy stuff everyone else was doing. It was from a few months ago, and I never got the performer’s name. It’s too bad, because I’d be telling everyone about him.

It turns out the performer in question was Eric Mead. It just so happened that Adam Savage installed a mirror for him a week or so later. He happened to tweet about it on the same day that Adam had a wonderful series of posts about the Creation Museum. I happened to be was paying close attention to Adams thread because of that, and saw the re-tweet. I thought the chances of him being the same magician I saw a week earlier were slim, but his icon definitely looked familiar. So, eventually I asked, and he confirmed it.

Had I my wits about me, I could have simply gone on YouTube and watched him do something quite similar here:

I highly recommend watching the whole thing.

Of course, after a little investigation I realized I *had* seen Eric Mead before:

The man can work both ends of the spectrum.


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  1. Dante says:

    This guy is exactly what magic is all about. The tricks that he did in both video’s are UBER simple… but the presentation that he used with both is what makes them amazing and leaves you smiling. Good find Paul.

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