You Don’t Have to Change at All

I have never met Michael Jackson. I know nothing about him from direct experience. Everything I know about him has been through the mass media. There are many people like this in my life.

There’s a division between people I love and admire about Michael Jackson. Some will never forget who he was to them, others cannot look past what he became to them.

With that in mind, I’m sharing the way I’m mourning Michael Jackson:

Though the lyrics weren’t written by him, I see them interwoven with our perception of his life, but as through a fun-house mirror. In many ways we saw him as a boy who never wanted to change, even as he grew into a man. On the other side, we saw him change further and farther than anyone could have wished.

No matter how you felt about Michael Jackson at the moment of his death, the wishes of the young man captured in this video never came to full fruition.

That is a true tragedy.


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2 Responses to You Don’t Have to Change at All

  1. Duke Dice says:

    Good post. I, like many, had mixed feelings about the guy, but jumping on the Michael Jackson bashing bandwagon seems way too cheap and unoriginal. Thanks for not doing that &, instead, having something more nuanced & interesting to say about the news of his death.

  2. paulgude says:

    Boing-boing posted this around 2am last night/this morning in a slightly different spirit. First time I’ve ever felt like I was ahead of them on something.

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