The Unroad Trip Finale

Betty, my friend Chris and I all went to Portland yesterday to see the finale of Boaz Frankel’s “Unroad Trip” adventure:

It was a good time. There was watermelon, which ensured Betty had a good time. The Dexter Street Stompers played, which was definitely something that I enjoyed.

By far my highlight was getting to ride on a GoPet Electric Scooter. I told the guy who brought them that I’d mention it. They have such a tight turning radius, it was kind of unbelievable.

The other thing I had fun with were some bouncy shoes. I’ll check with Boaz and post the name of them as soon as I know which brand they were.

The most impressive part of the day was the fact that Betty spent six hours in the car and handled it like a champ.

Of course, across the country with over 100 modes of transportation (I was #87) Boaz was no slouch himself.

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