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Stopped by the coffee shop today. Yes indeed it was the one Amanda Palmer visited on the day of Camp Tomato.

While there, I talked to Miranda about Slanky.

Turns out she got hers back when it was being self-published, and it’s signed. *Sigh*. Sometimes I covet books.

In sort of related news, but only slightly, (the tangent is self-publishing) I had someone ask me today what the best way to buy a book was.

It goes like this:

If you’re low on funds, but have an iPhone with the Kindle app, get it from the Kindle store. It’s the least expensive option.

Secondly, if you’re next to me and I happen to have a book, buy it from me. It will cost you the same, but I get the most amount of money that way. Some people (Chris Comte) also gave me the money they was going to spend on shipping from Amazon. AMAZING!

However, since I don’t often have copies of my book with me (as I have to buy them too) the next best option is to buy them from CreateSpace.I get the most money from any other online purchasing option that way.

If you simply adore shopping at, you can buy it there. If you do, buy it using one of the links on my site. I get a commission for selling my own book.

Finally, you can go to the Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle Washington and purchase it. I don’t really make any money off of it there, but:

1) I often sign them.
2) You’ll get them right away.
3) It’s an awesome book store.

Also, let me point out that it’s not all sex and zombies over here. There’s poetry, comic books, and children’s books as well. Check out the “Books” link above for the whole list.

They’re all pretty dang cool.


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