Mommy’s in a Show!

You should totally check out Jennifer Pratt in Revenge and Sorrow in Thebes. I say this without obligation or pretense: Jennifer Pratt is simply amazing to watch on stage.

Betty hasn’t seen Jennifer in any of the plays she’s been in recently. First of all, a three-year-old spending two+ hours at play for adults just isn’t a grand idea. More importantly, though, it’s for the child’s tender psyche.

As I mentioned above, Jennifer brings it and does not stop. Some really bad stuff always seems to go down with her characters, and it’s *never* comfortable. Betty was upset enough when people were throwing kickballs at me while I was on rollerskates at STB Junior. I don’t even want to know what she’d do watching Jennifer lose it on stage.

So, Betty just knows that mommy’s in a show. She knows it’s important and amazing, and she knows what it means to be on stage. Still, though, I can’t help but imagine what its going to be like when Betty can actually see Jennifer perform for real.

You don’t have to wait. Go do it.


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