Chase Follow-Up

So, perhaps it’s all luck of the draw as far as wait times are concerned.

Today I called 866-289-2717 and after a very brief wait was transferred to a representative almost immediately.

He informed me that I didn’t need to send the discharge notice to Chase at all, that I simply needed to send it to the attorney who represented Chase in the case.

Because I’ve dealt with “We Never Said That” issues with WaMU/Chase before, I requested the name of the rep and am documenting the call here for future reference. I’m not posting the rep’s name here, but I did some checking and there *IS* someone with that name who had posted a resume for a Senior Bankruptcy Specialist in 2008, so I think it was legit.

I made the call at 7:57 AM Pacific Time. The call had a duration of two minutes and fifteen seconds.

While he seemed nonplussed by my asking for his name (Really? It’s THAT confusing why I’d want to know who I talked to?), kept on saying, “It’s not going to matter if you have my name or not” and didn’t transfer me to a supervisor when I requested it, he did actually pick up the phone, which is a first.

I’m writing all this information down and taking it to the court so it can be filed with my case and be on hand if Chase decides to say I never made an effort to give them my discharge information.

Not that they would do that or anything…

On a quick note, I saw a friend of mine on the street today who was going to his last day of work. He was a WaMu employee, and I mentioned that people don’t like Chase much these days. He laughed and said that he gets that from people all the time and that they were paying him enough to go away that it didn’t really feel to bad.

I saw their “Seattle, home of coffee, seafood, and now great banking,” bus ad almost immediately afterward. The bus drove away before I could snap a picture. Seattle folks know what I’m talking about. Those who don’t, imagine the signs said something like this:

Chicago: Home of pizza, wind, and now great banking!
Los Angeles: Home of movie stars, traffic, and now great banking!
New York: Home of MTV, taxi cabs, and now great banking!

It’s just enough of an outsider’s perspective to stick in your craw.

I talked to another person in the park yesterday who said they changed the overdraft rules on her husband’s debit card, which ended in a whopping $700 worth of fees. She said after a few calls they reduced the fees by $100.

Has anyone else had something like that happen?

All annoyances aside, the speed in which my call was answered and the fact that the rep eventually gave me a name makes me think this call went better than the last one. Maybe things are on an upswing.


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