Why I’m Not at SDCC

I’ve got a few reasons I’m not at SDCC.

1) I don’t currently have a comic book to promote. The latest thing I did was Super Rocket Monkey about a year ago. I had another one in the works that I may pick up again later, but I kind of derailed it. Then Love in a Time of Zombies picked up and I realized that writing bypassed the mood inherent in my drawing style, which expanded the type of stories I could tell. Alternately, you could say that I think it takes too long. Still, I’d love to pick it up again if the right project comes along. Stay tuned on that front.

2) I don’t interview authors any more. I had a really fun time talking to folks like Matt Ruff, Jay Lake, and a host of other great authors when it was part of my job. One of the things we had discussed was the idea of me going to SDCC an interviewing comic book writers. Then the winds shifted and my writer-interviewing gig was over. It was fun while it lasted, but basically my free pass to meeting my heroes has ended.

3) Fear of crowds.

4) Not wanting Warren Ellis to want to punch me and/or Betty in the throat. It would happen eventually, no matter how cute her costume was. Or because of? It’s just not a good idea to tempt fate.

5) I’ve gotta leave some good things for the future. Right now things are starting to shape up. Maybe even some cool things will happen. All I know is that I’m moving towards a new stage of this life thing, and it’s starting to get cool. A nice time at SDCC could be a part of that. Now just isn’t the time.

For all of you who went, I’m jealous. For anyone wondering why I wasn’t there, now you know.

Who are you?


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  1. COMTE says:

    Oh c’mon, I can’t imagine W.E. would EVER punch a cute little child in the throat no matter what her costume was – although I’m quite sure he does carry a particularly vicious Arse Eel in that leather satchel of his, just in case some fanboy dressed as Spider Jerusalem attempts to point a home-made bowel disrupter in his direction.

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