SNL 34.20

My wife and I just watched the Seth Rogen/Phoenix Saturday Night Live episode, and I’m wondering if anyone out there knows what happened? It was a repeat, but don’t think this part changed from the original.

At the end there was an odd sketch that seemed really out of place about a character recording a song over a keynote address. The fact that at the curtain call everyone was wearing their muppet costumes from an earlier sketch makes me think maybe this was pre-recorded and aired out-of-order? A woman with long dark hair entered the stage through a door in a way that was slightly weird, too. My wife mentioned that a few people looked angry or annoyed.

Then, Phoenix played a third song instead of the cast doing the normal, “Hey, we’re all friends!” thing they normally do.

I see a lot of blogs where people are talking about how they didn’t like the episode or the writing but nothing about the weirdness at the end.

Does anyone know what happened?


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2 Responses to SNL 34.20

  1. IFTBA says:

    Well, Seth Rogan is THE DEVIL, and clearly his appearance on SNL is destroying the space-time continuum. We have but mere weeks to live.

  2. paulgude says:

    @batemanimation pointed out that SNL ended differently when it originally aired: The shuffle didn’t seem to help.

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