Blake Snyder

Blake Snyder passed away this morning, August 4, 2009, from cardiac arrest. I found out about it a few hours ago.

I’m still processing this. I know that a great many people were touched by Blake and his work examining the art of storytelling.

For my own part, I owe him a great debt, as it was his breaking down of the structure of story that allowed me to focus “Love in a Time of Zombies” into a cohesive book. Look in your copy and you’ll see a special thanks to him on the dedication page.

I only met him in person once, but I truly felt as if we parted friends. We had some great email exchanges afterwards, and he remained interested in me and my work. He was always helpful, always willing to share.

I want to leave you with some clips of the interview that brought us together. This is Blake doing what he loved, talking about movies and about the art of the story.

The main interview:

Blake talks about growing up in show business:

Blake talks about the global reach of his work:

Blake talks about superheroes:

Blake listens patiently to my own movie pitch for The Dragon and the King:

Rest in peace, Blake. You’ll stay with me, always.


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