My Silly Dream For “A Game of Thrones”

NOTE: 11:11PM – August 4th, 2009 (Pacific Time)

I have discovered an tremendous flaw in the work I outline below. Namely, I missed the sentence “You’ll have to ply me with booze and plunk my magic twanger, and we’ll see.”

That would make it:

HIYA WOYO, which looks a bit like gibberish.

It looks like my idea could simply be a red herring.

It does beg the question, however, who *is* going to be the fight choreographer?


As pointed out on Winter Is Coming, George R. R. Martin sometimes leaves little hints regarding casting and other announcements on his blog.

In this post, he said the following:

Hiya, kids, hiya, hiya, hiya.

I know some cool stuff.

You don’t.

And I can’t tell you yet.

(Yes, I am a monster of inhuman cruelty).

Well, maybe I’ll let slip a few things at the Montreal worldcon. Or maybe not. You’ll have to ply me with booze and plunk my magic twanger, and we’ll see.

Off on Tuesday…

As “Legion” pointed out on Winter Is Coming:

There are an awful lot of HIYA’s in his post, loads in the first line and then the first letters of the first 4 sentences.

Can we make anything of that? Im sure we can….

Here’s my thought.

If you keep up the “first letters of the first four sentences spell H-I-Y-A” then you could follow that the first letters of the next three sentences spell out “W-O-O.” The “Y” in “(Yes, I am a monster of inhuman cruelty)” doesn’t count because it’s in parenthesis. I’m guessing that’s a separate hint about another tidbit he has.

Now, even if I’m right, this could be anything. Maybe it’s coincidence. Maybe he’s saying “Woo!” because he’s excited.

However, I’m harkening back to my childhood, when I pretended to be “karate fighting” with my friends. We were all screaming, “Hiiiii-YAAA!” at each other. This was before we had learned about Kung Fu, of course.

I could be way off base here, but I’m hoping against hope that he’s telling us that Woo-ping Yuen has been brought in as a fight choreographer.



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