Current Projects

I have a lot of things going on. Please keep in mind that I have about an hour or two a day to work on these, and then only if I don’t relax.


Comics – Still trying to do one a night. “Not Even Trying” may not be a fan favorite, but it allows me to actually stick to that commitment. Plus, *I* think it’s funny.

Gude/Laurance at Spin the Bottle – Next we’re doing a song of some kind.

Happening Soon:

Gude/Laurance at Sketchfest – Script is done, rehearsals need to be scheduled. This’ll be Monday September 21st and Thursday, September 24th

One Minute Stories – A book that contains a few stories that I wrote in one minute as well as others that couldn’t have possibly been written that fast. Proofing it and getting close to done.

Slow Progress:

Pilot for Untitled Web Project: Script almost completed. Definite interest from actors. Will be cheap, so won’t need to wait for approval.

New Fantasy Series: 1st book mapped out. Should start writing first pages soon. I’m really excited about it.

Untitled Connie Sonne conversation project – I honestly don’t know what’s going on with this. She’s sent me a package and I’m looking at the materials she sent, but I’m not clear how I can help her. Still, I’m planning on writing something about it soon. It’s just taking a while.

Creeping slow progress:

Untitled Children’s Comic Book Series – Working with a publisher. Things are at a snail’s pace but not stalled.

Untitled Young Adult’s Fantasy Book Series – Manuscript for first book done. Waiting for notes from potential publisher.

Release of “Rhymes with Bootie” CD – Got an original CD from Tim Kern. Haven’t had a chance to see if I can get the songs off of it yet.


“Love in a Time of Zombies” Radio Drama – Definite interest, just not a lot of time.
“Love in a Time of Zombies” Prequel – It’s mapped out and about 22 pages are done, but some negative comments and flagging sales on the original have soured me to the project at the moment. I am a thin-skinned, fickle bitch sometimes, and a new idea happened to come along right at the correct time to seduce me away from this project.
“Love in a Time of Zombies” Sequel – In head, five pages done. See above.
“The Dragon and the King – A Zombie Book” – In head, one page done. See above.

New SGNP Album – A few songs done, but just don’t have time to work on this at the moment.

Untitled Memoir – About 500+ pages of me writing about myself over a span of around five years. Currently unedited and I’m just not sure it’s something that would catch on at the moment.

I’m doing all this between working a day job, being a dad, and on very rare occasions, stopping to rest. So there you go. If you’re waiting for a specific project to get finished and it hasn’t happened yet, you know why.


About paulgude

Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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2 Responses to Current Projects

  1. Brabble says:

    Apparently, you don’t have much going on in your life.

    Still a goddamn lazy ass, after all these years.

    CHRIST! Why don’t you DO something?! It’s exhausting to just constantly get after you to just get off the couch and…. DO! SOMETHING!

    How about environmental law? You like trees. And you like making fun of the Bill of Rights.

    Or how about UPS? You like uniting things. And you like licking stamps.

    Or how about write 50 billion books, comics, and performance projects and perform songs, and write albums? And sell them for money? Because you like making stuff. And you like money.

    THAT’S IT! You can MAKE MONEY. Literally MAKE dollars and coins.

    And see, that’s where your career in law will come in handy. When you’re arrested for counterfeiting.

    Just…. do something, Paul. It’s embarassing how lazy you are.

    John “Looking Down On You” Brabble

  2. Brabble says:

    Plus, I want a goddamn Super Rocket Monkey coffee mug. I never got one.


    Also, do you have the other Bootsack songs we recorded but never released? It would have been “Radioactive,” “Bullet Train,” and something like “My Girlfriend’s Ten Foot Tall.” Not sure about the last song.

    But I play “Bullet Train”(it was bullet train, right? not some other kind of train?) on my guitar nowadays. And radioactive. The lyrics that Jamie made up were holyshiticus funny.


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