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Remember the iPhone

This will be the last thing I write about the iPad for a while, hopefully. Thanks to everyone for reading. I know I’ve sounded pretty negative with regard to the device not being what I wanted, but I hope my … Continue reading

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The Death of Qwerty Typing?

This’ll be short, but I think that if voice recognition gets advanced enough, the iPad could actually spell the death of typing. The qwerty-esque keyboard for an iPad will be better than typing on an iPhone, but for kids and … Continue reading

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Why the iPad Will Do Better Than the Segway

So I’ve complained a bit about the iPad since it was announced. It’s really simple. I’m relatively poor by the tech-geek standard. The jobs I’ve had never left me with a large amount of disposable income, and right now I’m … Continue reading

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Dealing with an iPad User: A Customer Service Perspective

Right now, the iPad won’t be able to experience some Flash-based sites as intended. I’ve seen some of the debate on this. If you’re an Apple > Adobe fan the idea is that Flash is dangerous and makes computers not … Continue reading

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Playing the Porn Card

UPDATE – JANUARY 30th: First, a comment from my friend Tim Kern made me realize that if you didn’t look at the image created by Lee Brimelow, or read the Wired article, you may draw the wrong impression by the … Continue reading

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iPad Gentrification

It’s nice to see some folks posting things very similar to mine about the iPad. With Why the iPad is Crap Futurism, i09 pointed out something I hadn’t fully considered, which is that the iPad is essentially the next set … Continue reading

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I Predicted the iPhone

I don’t care if you believe this or not, but it’s the absolute truth. I was in a car with a friend, and I said the following: “Now that you can store songs on your cellphone, it’s only a matter … Continue reading

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My Thing about the iPad

It’s really very simple. I love my iPhone. I use it to watch video clips on YouTube, read Kindle books, update twitter, update Facebook, take pictures, and make phone calls. Still, I need a computer to do some things: 1) … Continue reading

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GPAMS: Episode 5 – The iPad

Paul complains about an object not making his dreams come true while Jennifer threatens to get her vagina all over everything. The Gude-Pratt Afternoon Morning Show – The iPad

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GPAMS – Episode 4: Blacklisted

Gude-Pratt Afternoon Morning Show: Episode 4: Blacklisted

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