Jobs Hunt Roundup

One of the things that I’ve learned from being unemployed is that I wear pajama pants and slippers during the day much more often. I’m also interested in getting a fleece robe that I can wear while looking through Craigslist and sighing heavily.

I don’t sigh heavily because there aren’t any things that I can do, there just aren’t things that I want to do with a salary attached. So many of them are from people who aren’t explaining what they bring to the table, just people looking for talent so that together you can build something with them. I’ve already got friends that I’m working with on projects that may get a return someday. I’m not looking to add more of those onto the pile.

(Note: This is not a slam on the good people who posted on Craigslist to whom I’ve actually responded. You’re wonderful.)

The big thing is that a lot of the things that interest me now are things that I know I have the ability for, but very little experience in, if at all. While I’ve been writing creatively for publication/performance/print for almost twenty years now, I haven’t ever worked on projects like the one’s I’m interested in now.

I’m conscious of the fact that people right now want to hire folks who have experience in the areas for which they’re applying, especially when dealing with unknowns. So, a career change is an uphill battle. Plus, I’ve gotten very skilled at explaining things to customers, after ten years working closely related to it. So, I studied to be a creative writer, but have been employed as a customer service agent. Guess which one people need more of right now?

The main thing is, just because I *can* do something doesn’t mean I want to. The thing that will make me want to do it is if I think I’m actually helping people do something cool. I think games are cool. I wouldn’t mind being involved with them for a long, long time.

If you’re reading this because I sent you my resume, yes, the preceding was written entirely for your benefit.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


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