Dream Experiment: Story-Driven Ambient/Verbal Immersion

Last night began with false start of story-driven verbal, single voice. I’ve been using audio I already own for most of these, but I don’t have any books on tape at the moment. So, I decided to pick a book with a very long preview online, in this case a book of erotic short stories. The vividness of the photo shoot dream was such that I thought this element of the forbidden was a useful component. (And, of course, I’m a bit of a perv.) Unfortunately the preview was actually only a few minutes followed by a lot of silence. I thought this was the standard “sound dropout” I experienced a few nights ago, but when I was fully awake I saw the counter still going. Curses!

So, I instead I opted for listening to podcasts of old-time radio shows, and noticed something new. I would get into the point of audio drop-out like I did when listening to Ken Plume and Caissie St. Onge, I even got some of the audio confusion I experienced before. However, I slowly became aware that I was having a sort of counter-story developing, that would incorporate some of the elements of the story. An example: a character was eating a chocolate bar in an airplane, and I would have a bit of a counter-story develop with a young child eating a chocolate bar and playing with an airplane. These weren’t vivid. They were someone vague, impressions more than pictures.

Then I ran into a small issue.

These podcasts are only about a half hour long. When I “came out of it” while listening to Ken Plume and Caissie St. Onge, they were still talking, so I was able to measure on the counter how long I had been under. When I was fully awake this time, the counter had stopped. I did this experiment twice, and it was the same both times.

So, I think I need to try this again some time with longer source material. It seems that two hours is a good “safety” length.

One thing of note is that I also didn’t remember my dreams after I stopped the experiment nearly as well as I did the other two nights. All of the ones I remember pretty much happened after I woke up once in the morning and then went back to sleep:

1) I remember watching a telethon and not being able to tell if the person on stage was Tom Jones in a performance outfit or Judd Hersh dressed as Han Solo.

2) I had a dream about a bunch of desks. I can’t really describe this well, but I’m going to give it a shot. I have a vivid image of an oak desk. I wake up. I have a vivid image of a metal desk. I wake up. I have a vivid image of a marble desk. I wake up. Repeat.

Those are all I’ve got. I remember vague wisps of others, like being in a warehouse with some people, but nothing concrete. Sometimes things come to me during the day. If this happens, I’ll update.

I went to bed a little later than the other two nights as well. I can’t ignore this as a possible factor, so I won’t. It’s a possible factor.

So far, reading text and then binaural signals seemed to work the best. I’ll be trying that again tonight.


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