Dream: Music Test

Last night I did another test, this time listening to, Barge Song on repeat.

I started listening around 1:05am, so technically “this morning,” but most of us can agree that the early morning belongs to the night it follows.

From 1:05 to 1:45 I had no dreams that I could remember. At first I had a hard time drifting off, becoming overly focused on the song and then on the pain in my right ear caused by the earphone. I spent a long time adjusting it. I soon became unaware of when the song was repeating, however, and then experienced a complete audio drop-out. At 1:45 I got an audio alert for a text message, which woke me up immediately.

I made a note that says, “Don’t remember any dreams, remember that I had them.” I honestly don’t remember even having them, so I guess my memory at the time was sharper.

I woke up again around 5:30. I remember that my wife and I were in a college library/bookstore (one of those combinations that sometimes happen in dreams) at a display of a prolific author. His name kept on changing from book to book, but it was always the same man. Upon retrospect this could have been a large tipoff that I was dreaming, but I didn’t notice at the time.

A man from India with his young son saw us looking at the books and proudly showed us that his name appeared in one of them, as the artist in a medical drawing that appeared in a short story entitled, “Psychic.”

He confessed that the author’s instructions were a little vague, and he was unsure of what he was actually supposed to do, but the end result was praised.

This is the only dream I remember vividly. I remember also being sent by my agent on a photo shoot only to learn that I’d have to shave/wax my chest hair for it, something I was unwilling to do. The photographer understood, but asked if I’d be willing to take “Chest Hair Pictures” for his private collection for a lot more money. Of course, I did.

The only other dream I sort of remember is arguing with a panel of people over which position my body should be in during rest. Of course, the decisions of this committee seemed to result in real-world changes.

So, no obvious information transfer. The song has definite imagery which could have carried over, but nothing seemed to have done it. Still, the non-interference with sleep after a bit seems consistent with almost all other audio.

The biggest take-away of the evening is that I can’t keep doing this every night without different earphones. My right ear is very sore to the point that it became a distraction last night. I’m holding off on audio tests until I can get that part resolved.

More results as I get them.

9:06AM: Update.

Yesterday I got a Rite-Aid club card and it came with two keychain cards. I had a dream that one of the keychain cards was missing. I figured Jennifer had taken it. The interesting thing is that this occupied the “memory” portion of my brain instead of the “dream” portion. It wasn’t until I saw that they were both still intact that I realized I had dreamed this.

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  1. Malkah says:

    First: I am honored that you would choose Barge Song for a dream test. Thank you kindly. Second: Do you have a lead on any good earphones for use during sleep? Would be of interest to me, as well. Third: This is a super cool experiment!

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