Dream Tests: No Audio Track

I went to sleep last night around 12:05 with no audio track. I’ve ordered new headphones that may work just by themselves, and if not I’ll trick ’em out once I have more money.

I didn’t notice my transition from sleep to dreaming, reinforcing the idea that perhaps the sound drop-out is only noticed when there is a constant audio track going on. I also slept all the way until 6:33am.

At 6:33, I awoke with two dreams in my memory.

1) I was working at a company very much like the last one at which I worked, although it had more employees and a nicer office. The earliest thing I remember was being at a meeting where it was announced that we were having a re-org, and we’d all be getting our new assignments. My boss, a woman whom in the dream I hardly ever dealt with and cast from my days at Amazon.com (though she was never my direct boss) asked me what I had put on a questionnaire as my favorite part of my job. I replied that I had put, “Mindlessly answering email questions.”

“So it doesn’t matter WHEN you do that, right?” she asked.

She then informed me that I was going to be switching to a Midnight to 10am shift. I explained that it may not matter when I did that as far as *they* were concerned, but my wife and daughter like it when I work a normal 9am-5pm day.

“Well, you’ll have to make it work if you want to remain employed here,” she replied.

Just then, I heard Betty running down the hall, and she jumped into my arms. My wife walked down the hall towards us. She smiled at my boss, and I suddenly had this feeling that my boss was scared of her.

“How’s it going?” she asked.

“I’ve just been told that I have to work a Midnight to 10am shift,” I said.

“Oh really?” my wife asked, arching an eyebrow. “Well, it’s okay. We’ll make it work.”

I left Betty and Jennifer with my boss and went to say goodbye to my officemates. James, a guy from my juggling class, was playing some sort of puzzle game on his workstation. In the dream, he and I had the same job. The game was something he wasn’t supposed to do, and I was angered at the principal, but not angry at him. The recent shift made me less loyal to the company. I told him what had happened.

“You know why she moved you,” he said. “People like you too much. She’s putting you to where no one can see you, so they’ll forget about you. They won’t. Now you’ll become a legend.”

Then I woke up.

2) I was walking on the campus of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, and a friend from Amazon.com, Scott Howard, was camped out on one of the green spaces in a silver tent.

“I don’t even have a house any more,” he said. “It’s pretty great. I’m thinking of herding the Japanese for a living.”

“Herding the Japanese?” I asked.

“They need people to just point large groups of Japanese tourists from their planes to their transportation vans. It wouldn’t be that hard. Your arms would get tired, but that’s about it. I guess you could get in trouble if you send the wrong group to the wrong van, but they wear name tags so you can group them by badge color.”

“I don’t think that’s actually a thing, Scott,” I said. “It doesn’t sound like a real job.”

“This is why you’re still unemployed,” Scott said, returning to his tent. “You don’t understand how jobs work.”

I feel back to sleep, and had two dreams that I remember:

1) 7:30 Betty came into our room. I remember having a dream that Amazon.com came out with a chewy breakfast cereal that was REALLY good. It was like Cracklin’ Oat Bran, but had marshmallows baked inside, mixed with everything. Like, each Cracklin Oat Bran square was a mini oat bran rice crispy treat. It makes me sad that they were just dream food and not real.

2) Betty went to go lie down on the couch. Jennifer woke me up to go and set her up with breakfast. Before I got up, I fell asleep for a few seconds or a minute, some very small period of time. In that brief instant, I had another dream where Betty was floating in a bubble and connected to a larger bubble my Jennifer was floating in. Then Jennifer woke me up again.

That’s all for now, more information as I get it.

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  1. Malkah says:

    I think that’s my problem too. I don’t know how jobs work.

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