Last Night’s Dreams

Last night I went to sleep with no audio track.

I felt a bit sick, with a sore throat and stuffy nose. I drank what I had left of the Nyquil, which was less than a fourth of a dose.

I had a lot of dreams, but only one is really clear to me.

John Hodgman had started his own line of “Hobo Chic” clothing. He did not wear it himself. There was an ad where he talked about how they corresponded to the grand tradition of the hobos and then looked at the camera and said, “I do not wear these clothes, because I am not a hobo.”

People loved it.

Because my hair and beard got a little too long, and I started walking around without a shirt, and my pants were a little ripped, someone joked that I had started, “Castaway Chic.”

So I started dressing like that all the time.

That was pretty much the whole of the dream.

What I find interesting is that it seems that I once again incorporated elements from my waking life into my dreams.

Before I went to sleep, I had watched the Techno Viking entry on Know Your Meme.

My “Castaway Chic,” looks was virtually identical, except my beard was longer.

I read Hodgman on Twitter whenever he posts, so having him on my brain is no big feat.

All this goes back to the idea that maybe dreams can be “preloaded” with information. Something I’ll continue to watch for as time goes on.

That’s all for now, more information as I get it.

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Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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  1. Malkarrrr says:

    I would totally wear castaway chic, but only if I could grow my hair out like that AND grow a beard. And it would all work out, because if I could grow a beard like that, I’d be cast away.

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