Binaural Signal Test 3: Hypnagogia

Last night I still felt a bit sick, and I’m feeling pretty bad this morning. I have a sore throat and a stuffy nose. I didn’t take any medicine.

I went to bed at 12:17 and hadn’t planned on listening to anything, but as I had trouble getting comfortable, I decided to listen to Binaural Beats again.

As I fell asleep this time, I experienced some Hypnagogia. First of all, there was an old man, sitting in a kitchen in front of me, smiling. It was somewhat like a photograph. His features shifted between Caucasian and Asian, and his face became more and more wrinkled. I viewed him as kindly, but could feel my mind working to turn him sinister. If you’ve never experienced this, the best way I can describe it is thinking, “Oh, he’s too nice,” and immediately a warning bell goes off in your head saying, “Uh-oh, here we go!”

I started thinking about an old woman instead, perhaps his wife. She looked pleasant enough, for a bit, but soon her face started to fold in on itself in a horrifying manner. I switched back to the old man, and his mouth turned itself inside-out so that it became round like an eels, his teeth separating and becoming a ring.

I forced myself to come out of it, and settled back in. I started thinking about women I know, something that I always find comforting, and easy to keep from being sinister. I then went to sleep.

I remember dreaming that a family from my juggling class lived down the street, and the kids put a message under a rock for Betty. We were right there, watching them, and it was hard to keep Betty from simply taking the note before the rock was placed.

I also had a dream that a large blonde woman, who I don’t know in real life but knew in my dream, made a drink called “hot chocolate butter,” with chocolate whipped cream on top. Mine cooled off and became a solid mass, like a mug of fudge, or a giant truffle. It still tasted good.

At some point in the night I took my headphones off. I remember doing it, because I wanted to turn on my side by it was a bit uncomfortable to do. I don’t know if it happened before or after the two dreams I related above.

At 5:11am, I got up and used the bathroom and still felt kind of stuffy. I decided to listen to the Binaural Beats again. Again, I experienced Hypnagogia. This time, there was a man whose entire body was like an egg, with a tiny face, but a little longer than an egg, like a stretched-out clay Humpty-Dumpty.

I experienced audio drop-out then, and eventually decided to take the headphones off when I again wanted to turn onto my side. I checked the clock on my phone, and couldn’t believe it was only 5:15.

Then, a really odd thing happened. I found myself imagining the Binaural Beats sound, and noticed myself slipping into Hypnagogia again. I found myself imagining a room, with circular “earth plugs” of sod at the lower base of the wall. By grasping the grass of these plugs and pulling, I would expose the roots of trees. The implication was that there were trees growing all around the building.

I don’t remember the transition, but then I dreamt that I was in a different house, living with Jennifer and Betty. My step-brother Dan was visiting, and had just poured two whole glasses of grape juice on the Love Sac in our living room. I completely lost my temper with him.

“You’re acting like a three year old!” I said.

(It should be noted that in real life Dan is a 41 year old robotics engineer.)

The scene shifted somehow to a young girl, college-aged, walking into our house without knocking.

“Did you see what just happened?” I asked my wife.

“I did,” she said.

The girl announced that she was going to be living in our spare room. I woke up.

It wasn’t until after I woke up that I realized this could have been Betty.

It should be noted that what I call “Hypnagogia” may not be the actual phenomenon. It’s less “real” than a dream, a bit like watching TV. The things I experience are half-way between thoughts and dreams, perhaps, and I seem to have much more conscious control over them.

That’s all for now. More information as I get it.

UPDATE: 9:10 – I had a dream that my hair was long enough that I thought maybe I should shave my beard. I was conflicted, though, because I thought maybe I could get a role that needed me to have a beard, so I decided against it. It should be noted that my hair was wavy like Betty’s instead of frizzy, as it actually gets.

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