Binaural Signal Test 4

I started out in bed at 12:30. I again chose the Binaural Beats as my audio track because it seems to be more conducive to actual sleep.

The Coby Deep Bass Lightweight Stereo Headphones CVH42 are working well. I actually didn’t take them off at all last night, and turned onto my side several times.

My wife was watching TV, so I used the “underwater” audio overlay on the Binaural Beats application to add a bit of white noise.

I remember having dreams, but didn’t write them down when I woke up. I just went right back to sleep. I remember convincing myself that I would remember them.

I remember something about people on television arguing about whether it was worse to have sex with or eat dolphins, my guess is it’s because there was a “dolphin” audio overlay that I tried briefly before I fell asleep.

I also remember having someone at a restaurant explain to me that all Thai food has to have bok choy in it. When I responded that I was eating Thai food at the moment and it didn’t have any, they had me look closer. I moved some of the rice around, and found some bok choy.

This was interesting, because in the morning I took notes in my dream journal and then it disappeared. I looked all over the place, and couldn’t find it. I looked, “everywhere,” and couldn’t find it. As is often the case, “everywhere” was about three places I thought it could be.

Eventually, I found it in a fold of the comforter on my bed in a way I found eerily similar to finding the bok choy in the rice.

Did I back-engineer my dream to include this? Perhaps I simply noticed the coincidence and didn’t think to note all the times an event that occurs right after waking up DOESN’T correspond to an event in my dreams?

Hopefully, if I keep studying this, I’ll discover more patterns.

That’s all for now. More information as I get it.

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Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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