Binaural Test 11: Premonitions

Dream 1: “The Betty Cube”

I had a dream that my daughter Betty had transformed herself into a metal cube, which still contained the basic essence of her. Slightly disturbing.

The cube was about 3ft by 3ft and rotated slightly, hanging in the air. I sensed she was happy.

Dream 2: “Foreign Impersonation”

I had a dream where a man was putting on a fake beard, fake teeth, and a mole. He then tried to speak in a very bad accent.

All this was an attempt to make people think he was foreign.

In both cases, I don’t have any precipitating events from the day before, but there were events that happened during the day that later made these seem somewhat prophetic.

I made a series of shape impressions in tin foil:

Later on I compressed them into a cube:

When I saw Betty holding it, I realized that the connection between a cube that contained smashed images and my dreams of the Betty cube were very similar.

Also, something happened today that made me realize the foreign impersonation may be slightly prophetic, too. However, I can’t speak about that any more. Maybe later next week.

That’s all for now, more information as I get it.

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