Dearth of Dreams

This honestly hasn’t happened to me in as long as I can remember, but I haven’t been able to remember my dreams since May 7th.

I know that I’ve been having them, because I’ll wake up at night and say to myself, “Oh, well I’ll surely be able to remember THAT in the morning!” When morning comes, however, the dream is gone.

I’ve put a notebook beside my bed so I can just write the dream down as soon as I wake up. Every night, however, I convince myself that I’ll remember.

Yesterday I took a bit of a nap around 8pm, and I had the most bizarre sensation, as though I was creating past events rather than dreaming. Somewhere there was a person with a car, for example, and if I just slept for a little while longer I’d remember their name and what type of car it was and soon we would also have some event that would connect us. Very hard to describe.

Last night, instead of the Binaural Beats, I listened to “Barge Song” again. I do remember an image of the singer having a spine of a crocodile, which matches the lyrics in the song, but the circumstances completely elude me.

For those of you suggesting that I should tell myself that I will remember my dreams before I go to sleep, I’ve been doing so.

I’ll do so again.

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3 Responses to Dearth of Dreams

  1. It’s a phase. Like a cycle of the planets and subconscious and everything. The natural ebb an flow of our psyche’s response to the universe:) It will be over before you know it, and you’ll be remembering your dreams again in no time:) A really cool site to look up the symbolism of particular circumstances and read about the science of dreams and read thing about Freudian studies, is
    It’s the best I’ve found, and if your as interested in dreams as I am, you’ll like it.

    • paulgude says:

      I often think about the self-defeating aspect of this as well. The more interested I become in not remembering my dreams, the more apt I am to not remember them, perhaps. Relaxing is always a good idea.

  2. Malkah says:

    I enjoy the inclusion of Barge Song. And thank you for the comments the other day.

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