Quick Lost Thing

I really enjoyed Lost tonight, and I think they did something smart with it.

By focusing solely on the mythology of the two brothers this episode, they’ve sewn up a lot of the loose ends, making way for the ending. The smoke monster, what people want with the island, “Adam & Eve,” “who is Jacob?” This episode was kind of a reverse Highlander 2 for me. It improved the earlier episodes retroactively.

Now I hope they rid themselves of the temptation to undo everything they set up.

Note: I left this purposefully vague because I don’t want to argue the merits of the episode or spoil it for others. If you have questions about what I thought about a specific element or want to share thoughts/theories, feel free to comment.

If you just want to tell me I’m wrong for liking it, save us both some time and don’t worry about it. Life’s too short.


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3 Responses to Quick Lost Thing

  1. Lex Vader says:

    I like every episode, but I felt like (as usual) it brought up two questions for every question it answered. For me it’s more like Boba Fett’s origin. It doesn’t ruin him, but it wasn’t really a revelation.

  2. Malkah says:

    @Lex, in the beginning of the episode, their ‘mother’ addressed the thing of every question leading to another question, which was sort of a wink to the audience, I think.

    I enjoyed it. It was sad. It gives more of a face to the unnamed brother’s motivations. Also, it’s a creation myth and borrows heavily from world creation myths (though I cannot cite any, it’s early).


  3. chris says:

    I liked this episode. But would have liked it better if it wasn’t a Lost episode.

    Some of the explanation was good, I understand they want to answer questions, but it really felt like the whole mitichorline thing.

    The mystery of the island I don’t think needed to be explained that explicitly. Not ever really knowing was more powerful than say, “You, see there is this light… and all life is made of it”

    Dunno, maybe it would have been better accepted if it was part of last season.

    I need to think more on this, or not at all, not sure yet

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