Last Night’s Dreams: Product Idea

My remembrance of my dreams last night started out the same.

I woke up in the middle of the night *positive* that I would remember the dream I had. I even remembered that I had forgotten them the last time, but assured myself that this time would be different. I even remember that there was the phrase, “48 hours,” and something about my daughter auditioning for a show. It seemed impossible to forget.

When I awoke, that’s all I remembered. “48 hours,” and something about my daughter auditioning for a show.

I thought I had forgotten my dreams, but then all of a sudden I remembered one of them.

I was at my old work, not having been hired back but having been invited back to see an unveiling of the new product. The CEO wasn’t present, but had sent us all an email telling us that he was “changing the game” of social networking.

I remember that I was surprised at the degree of secrecy and ceremony.

We were given a signal to log into our accounts, and got a screen with a bunch of icons with small arenas on them, old-timey, sort of like the Parthenon. On these icons were written titles like, “The Friend Game,” “The Work Game,” “The Learning Game,” etc.

My old boss, who was working as the user-test coordinator, explained to us that it was all one game, actually, but the icon you chose would take you to a different part of the world. Up until this time, the company had just worked on social networking programs in general, so I was confused.

I clicked on “The Friend Game,” and instantly was given a visual of a green landscape with a blue sky. I was controlling a character that looked like a gummy bear, and was surrounded by others who looked the same. My fellow testers.

There were thousands of characters to choose from. I chose a bard from the medieval set. As soon as I did that, not only did my character change, but all of the other characters. I wasn’t choosing my own look, I was choosing my genre.

There was a woman standing behind a kiosk that read, “Ye Olde Library.” When I clicked on her, it pulled up a bunch of electronic books I could buy.

This one is pretty straightforward, I think. I’m still looking for a job, so I think about my old job a bit. I also would love to write for gaming companies, so taking my old job and morphing it into a game makes sense. Also, back when I was working for them I had suggested we try doing a model that was a combination of a social networking site and second life, a tenuous balance I had a hard time describing until Sony Online happened about a year later. Basically, it was a dream of my idea expanded upon and made awesome.

The only other vague recollection I had was being at a pool party and seeing a friend of mine’s stomach had been severely scraped by the bottom of the pool. No one wanted to go back into the water, even though he insisted that it was an earlier injury.


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