Sandpeople and Sneezeguards

I remember a few of my dreams from last night.

SCENE ONE – Sandperson

I was in a room with an unconscious sandperson. My wife picked up its Gaderffii and said, “Check this out.”

She blew into one end like a flute and it made a really low, ominous sound.

“Get rid of it,” she said, pointing to the sandperson. “We don’t want it waking up.”

I put the Gaderffii into a nozzle on the side of his head, and air started leaking out. Eventually it had deflated like a balloon. I folded the remainder up and brought it to my wife.

“You’ve GOT to be kidding me,” she said.

“It’s what happened!” I shrugged.

I put him in the trunk of the car.

SCENE TWO: Sneezeguards

I had assumed the form of a blonde detective, and was checking footage on a combination of a phone and a laptop in a library/coffee shop amalgam. They had sneezguards behind which the devices had to be placed. I flashed that this was to protect both myself and the other patrons from screen radiation.

I was watching a video of two female wrestlers making threatening statements on camera about a third. It fades after that.


There’s a lot of fade in this one. I was staying at some sort of a motel, and was wearing a gas mask. I remember that the mask fit around the back of my head as well as on my face, because I took the front part off to make sure none of my hairline was showing on the back part.

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Paul Gude writes small books, makes stupid music, draws silly pictures, and does weird things on stage.
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2 Responses to Sandpeople and Sneezeguards

  1. John Brabble says:

    this has nothing to do with your entry on your blog(or maybe it does. It is about ‘dreams,’ but not the ones you have while asleep).

    why isn’t Giraffe and Elephant a published, multimedia success? I just watched your minimally-animated Giraffe and Elephant Want Ice Cream on youtube, and it’s WONDERFUL(as is everything Giraffe and Elephant). I am truly surprised that some publisher has not picked up G&E and tried to make it HUGE. It feels so innocent, with a squeeze of surreal, with kindness and humor. It is EXCELLENT if I might say so.

    Anyway… just a thought.

    Hope you are well….
    and in the words of Jack Horkhimer, Star Hustler…


  2. John Brabble says:

    by the way, i’ve read all the old giraffe and elephant comics from years back and have been a fan for a LOOOOOONG time.

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