Dreams: Fighting and Reading

NOTE: I use my own extensive list of dream terms to save myself time when writing these down. You can see the list of termshere, or simply click the “Dreams” link in the top right corner.


This was pure toxic playground, with a potential seeding from an online argument I had earlier that day. I assumed a school teacher in charge of a breakdancing competition in a gym. I flashed that one of the boys had behavioral problems. He was a double of a kid I saw act out at a park when my daughter was there, so I think I had a fair amount of bleed from that experience. When that boy had finished his dance and the next boy (just a stock kid) got up, I flashed that he was a better dancer and that the first one would become violent from jealously. In a classic feedback scenario, as soon as I thought this the first boy began stretching next to the “competition square,” and started trying to trip the second boy. This lead to a shoving match and I ended up breaking them up. The first boy apologized and told the second boy to keep dancing. In a classic quirk move, I not only agreed to this but turned my back on them. The first boy took off his jacket and strangled the second, and the quirk continued with me doing absolutely nothing, watching him kill his classmate. I then had a side fade to scene two.


Classic trial, where I was attending a seminar about preventing violence in classrooms and the incident that occurred in scene one kept on being used by the stock instructor as an example.


I was looking at a mad book that was a manual for writers. It cataloged horrible true stories so that you could use them as a reference when trying to determine if your scenarios were too brutal to be realistic.


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