Inception: Fischer


We’ve already established who Ariadne is named after. I think all the names in Inception have meaning. Take Fischer, for example:

The things I found most interesting:

“When he is injured, his kingdom suffers as he does, his impotence affecting the fertility of the land and reducing it to a barren Wasteland.”

Not an exact correlation, but using the defibrillator on Fischer does have the effect of making flashes in the sky, drawing a connection between his body and the “world” around him.

“Confusingly, many works have two wounded Grail Kings who live in the same castle, a father and son (or grandfather and grandson). The more seriously wounded father stays in the castle, sustained by the Grail alone, while the more active son can meet with guests and go fishing.”

Fischer senior is confined to his room, Fischer Junior is running around with our heroes.

The only problem I have with this theory is that junior Fischer King is always injured in the leg or groin, needing assistance to walk around.

1) Do we know where exactly on Fischer’s body he gets shot?

2) I seem to remember Eames helping Fischer part of the way to his father’s room. Does this actually happen?


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5 Responses to Inception: Fischer

  1. AAAutin says:

    If memory serves:

    1.) Fischer is shot in the chest, near the heart–his shoulder pops back with the impact, before he drops.

    2.) Eames helps Fischer off the floor, but merely directs him toward the strong room. He does not physically guide him.

  2. Marc Hendric says:

    Artur Fischer, Fischerdübel:

    Inhuman Fischer works.

    Founder Artur Fischer sued his severely disabled daughter.

  3. Marc Hendric says:

    The story takes place in Germany, and again the fate of the severely disabled daughter of the inventor Artur Fischer.

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