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A Note about Time Travelers

I’ve often thought that if time travel were possible (let’s say fictionally possible rather than scientifically possible) it would basically mean that it *always* exists once it’s invented. It may be that much like certain areas in space have big … Continue reading

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CD/DVD to Cloud Conversion?

Here’s an idea I’m sure someone might be working on. You have tons of consumers who are starting to buy devices with no drives for CDs and DVDs. They might be holding off like me, however, because they have a … Continue reading

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Do “Toaster Drives” Exist?

I’m interested in getting a MacBook Air if/when I have the funds to buy a new computer. The only problem is that I have a LOT of things on CD/DVD and the lack of an optical drive makes the move … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Watching a Lot of Stand-Up Lately

Has a stand-up special already done where the comedian makes fun of unicorns and the producer cuts to a shot of a unicorn laughing?

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Goodnight, Everybody!

“And then the scientist opened the box, and I said…’You call this living?’” – Schrodinger’s Catskills

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The Count of Anti-Christo Remembers His Wrestling Career

His fleshy fingers have gouged the eyes of lesser men. Now, they scramble in his wallet for the check. “I got this. Um. . .let’s see. I don’t remember it all. It was my manager’s idea. I think I was, … Continue reading

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